2013 RTTP Game Development Conference

Hosted by Central Michigan University
July 18-20, 2013
Mount Pleasant, MI

Registration is now open for the Game Design Conference @ Central Michigan University!


This conference focuses on designing games for the pedagogical method “Reacting to the Past.”  We will play several Reacting-style games that are currently in development, discuss game design principles and processes, and work to expand and explore ideas for new games. 

For further information, please visit the conference web site.

Call for Proposals

If you have idea for a game that you would like to discuss at the conference or if you have a game that is ready for play-testing, please submit the following information to the conference organizers:

  • Your name, field, and organizational affiliation
  • A brief description of your game or the historical scenario you hope to develop
  • The current state of your game: Is it simply an idea?  Has it been playtested?  If so, in what context?
  • A brief description of your experience with Reacting to the Past games:  Have you used RTTP games in class or attended RTTP conferences? 
  • A brief description of your other experience using game-based pedagogy. Have you designed games for learning before?
  • Please specify whether you would like your game to be considered for one of the “playtest” spots.

Proposals of games from all fields and at any stage of development will be considered. We are interested in “traditional” RTTP games, which require many class meetings over multiple weeks as well as “chapter games,” which require a handful of class meetings, as well as “mini-games,” which may be played in a single day.

Games that are further along in development may be playtested, and those that are more notional will be workshopped. 

This year we are also looking for people to present on game-design “mechanics.” For example, two potential topics might be “How to Use Currency in a Game” or “How to Design Personal Influence Points for Game Use.”

Designers who presented previously and have made significant changes or advances in their game design are encouraged to submit again.

Designers submitting for playtest sessions should also submit their game materials with their proposal.

Registration is $125 and covers breakfast and lunch, conference materials, and housing. Central Michigan University will cover the registration fee for up to 25 presenters who have difficulty securing funding from their home institutions.

More information about the conference and links to registration will be available in mid-January at http://www.rttpgamedev.com.

Submit proposals by January 18, 2013 to:

Jonathan Truitt
Central Michigan University

Jul. 18, 2013 (All day)