2013 Institute: Call for Proposals - Concurrent / Poster Sessions

The proposal deadline has now passed.

The annual institute program includes a series of standing sessions sponsored by the Reacting Consortium Board. Topics for the 2013 institute include:

  • The Classroom Experience: RTTP According to Students
  • Game Management 101: The Art of Teaching in the RTTP Classroom
  • The Essentials of Game Design (recommended for experienced RTTP instructors)

We also invite individual faculty and/or teams to share their experiences with RTTP at the institute. We encourage proposals that will reflect the variety of ways in which individual faculty or institutions are using RTTP games to achieve outcomes for their institutions, to engage faculty, to rejuvenate teaching and learning, or to develop/revise new curricular programs.(Please note: All session facilitators at the institute will be responsible for the appropriate registration fees, travel, and lodging expenses.)

Session Formats

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent sessions will be roughly 85 minutes in length and will likely have an audience ranging from 20 to 40 participants.   There is no set format for these sessions:  they might consist of a hands-on workshop, video presentation, individual presentations, or a discussion panel.  We encourage collaborative proposals among faculty from multiple institutions, but individual faculty or administrators are also encouraged to submit proposals so that we may group them into sessions around a common theme. Interested individuals might also solicit co-presenters by posting a comment on the RTTP Facebook Faculty Lounge.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should indicate the format and focus on broad issues related to student learning, teaching, faculty development, or curriculum development and RTTP. The following is a list of topics of interest that have arisen from recent discussions in the RTTP Facebook Faculty Lounge and elsewhere. Ideas may certainly be presented which are not included on this list: 

  • Assessing learning in RTTP courses: Rubrics and other solutions that can help guide students and instructors.
  • Using RTTP within disciplines: How do you use historically rooted games to teach literature, philosophy, ethics, social theory, or other disciplinary based theory and content?
  • Using RTTP to teach key skills: How do you explicitly address speaking, writing, critical thinking, collaborative learning, leadership, and/or other skills using RTTP games?
  • Developing Courses and Curricula: How have you linked games to create an entire course? How have you placed RTTP courses or methodology in general education, interdisciplinary, or other programs?
  • Dealing with uncertainty: How have you helped faculty on your campus to move from instructor-centered learning to student-based learning, and to deal with fluid classroom dynamics?

For further ideas on relevant topics, proposers may wish to review the concurrent session information from the 2012 and 2011 institutes.

Submission Instructions

Please note that the proposal deadline has been extended until April 15, 2013. Proposals should be submitted using the form link below. Applicants who submitted before March 1 will be notified of the status of their proposal(s) in mid- to late-March. All other proposals will be considered on a rolling basis.