2014 Game Development Conference

Hosted by Simpson College
Wednesday, July 16 - Saturday, July 19
Indianola, Iowa


College ​faculty ​and ​administrators ​are ​invited ​to ​register ​for ​the ​“Reacting ​to ​the ​Past” ​Game ​Development ​Conference ​at ​Simpson ​College ​(Indianola, ​IA) ​July ​17-19. ​ ​This ​conference ​focuses ​on ​designing ​games ​for ​the ​pedagogical ​method ​“Reacting ​to ​the ​Past.” ​ ​At ​the ​conference, ​participants ​will ​play ​several ​Reacting-style ​games ​that ​are ​currently ​in ​development, ​discuss ​game ​design ​principles ​and ​processes, ​and ​work ​to ​expand ​and ​explore ​ideas ​for ​new ​games. ​ 

If you are new to Reacting to the Past, we invite you to attend the Newcomers Pre-conference Workshop on Wednesday, July 16 featuring "Chicago, 1968: The Democratic National Convention."  The  Pre-conference Workshop is designed as an introduction to the Reacting pedagogy. You can attend this Pre-Conference Workshop along with the Game Development Conference, or you can attend the Pre-Conference Workshop or the Conference independent of one another. 

Playtest Games

Game Track I

Democracy in Crisis, Weimar Germany, 1929-32 by Robert Goodrich

Conservation, Preservation, and the Wilderness: The Battle over Hetch-Hetchy by Jeff Hyson

Game Track II

Il Duomo di Santa Maria del Fiori: Florence, 1418 by Paula Lazrus

Oklahoma Revolution: Radicalism against Racism, 1923 by Jace Weaver

Game Track III

Memory and Monument Building: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1980-1982 by Abigail Perkiss, Becca Livingstone, & Kelly McFall

Defining the Mind: The Struggle for Legitimacy in Psychiatry and Psychology during the 1970’s by Peter Bradley


The Game Development Conference fee includes materials, most meals, and lodging on campus. Housing will also be available for the pre-conference workshop for an additional charge of $30. Registration will close Monday, June 23. 

Registration  Fee Type           
July 16
Game Development
July 17-19
Consortium Member Rates $48 $130
Non-Member Rates $60 $160


If you would like to apply for a playtesting or presentation slot, please refer to the Call for Proposals

Jul. 16, 2014 (All day)