Collaborative Research on the RTTP Pedagogy for Science Education

September 2009: The National Science Foundation has awarded a Phase 2 "Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement" grant to a consortium of schools including Barnard College, Trinity College, Elon University, and James Madison University to develop and assess short RTTP science games. Short RTTP games involve 2 or at most 3 class periods of student game play, plus required setup and post-mortem. 

The goals of the project are 1) to promote the development and evaluation of more RTTP game materials suitable for inclusion in science classes; 2) to assess the effectiveness of RTTP science games in students’ acquisition of content knowledge and in changing attitudes toward science in general; 3) to strengthen the RTTP infrastructure to promote the flow of information among RTTP  game designers and STEM educators; and 4) to disseminate the pedagogy widely among both science educators and non-STEM faculty to encourage the adoption of RTTP science games within their general education programs.

For additional information, please email Professor David Henderson (Principal Investigator, Trinity College) at