Nineteenth Annual Faculty Institute: Democratic Education in Uncertain Times

June 12-15, 2019

The Reacting Consortium announces its 19th Annual Institute at Barnard College. Join the over 200 professors and administrators from throughout the world who, over four days, gather and immerse themselves in this highest of high-impact pedagogies.


Can democracy survive? Twenty-five hundred years ago, Athenian democrats, having been defeated by militaristic Sparta, struggled to answer this question. Today, we struggle with it, too. Can people in the modern world sort the fake news from the real, and navigate the churning information streams on the internet? Do they possess the skills to defend and sustain democratic institutions?

Many college mission statements affirm a commitment to democracy, but often they fail to explain how traditional pedagogies help students make informed judgments and take an active role in their own democracy.

From June 12-15, the Summer Institute, hosted by The Reacting Consortium and Barnard College, will train several hundred instructors and administrators in the Reacting pedagogy.

The 2019 Annual Institute features games whose content explores the challenges of democracy: In additional to a game set in democratic Athens in 403 BCE, the Institute features other historical moments when the fate of democracy was uncertain: the French Revolution in 1791, the Constitutional Convention of 1789, the struggle of suffragists and radical labor before and during the First World War, the fate of the Indian subcontinent on the eve of independence in 1947, the collapse of democracy in Weimar Germany, the Rwandan genocide of the 1990s, and the crisis of climate change today.

The workshop will also feature panels, concurrent discussion sessions, and keynote speeches addressing what may be the most important challenge confronting modern democracies.

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