The Conferences

Every year, the Reacting Consortium collaborates with a variety of colleges and universities around the nation--and the globe--to bring training conferences to faculty, where they play compressed, intensive versions of the games much as student would. In additions these workshops offer sessions on practical matters of game management, grading, and curricular applications.

Because Reacting to the Past is a classroom experience unlike any that you've likely had, the best way to understand it is to experience it yourself. For this reason, we encourage interested faculty and administrators to attend a conference, where they play the games as students do, albeit in abbreviated versions.

Every year, we offer a number of regularly scheduled events, like our Winter Conference at UGA (mid-January), our Summer Institute at Barnard College (mid-June), and our Game Development Conference (mid-July). 

We also plan and execute campus workshops and regional conferences with institutions around the country--and beyond! If you want to host one of these for your institute exclusively or as a regional host to faculty from your area, please first take a look at our "Plan an Event" page, and then reach out to Administrative Director Jennifer Worth at