Concurrent Session, "Reacting to the Past: When the Curriculum Gets in the Way of Good Pedagogy"

AAC&U Network for Academic Renewal Conference: Arts & Humanities: Toward a Flourishing State?
November 4, 2011
Providence, RI

This facilitated discussion will focus on the complex balance of pedagogy and curriculum in the 21st century arts and humanities classroom. The facilitators will outline one innovative and successful pedagogical model (Reacting to the Past) that connects the arts and humanities to civic life and public history, and makes the arts and humanities immediately relevant to students. As almost ideal reflections of George Kuh’s “high impact practices,” why are such “new” pedagogical models so difficult to incorporate across the traditional arts and humanities curriculum? Participants will be asked to share experiences of how experiential education models have worked in arts and humanities courses on their campuses. Discussion will particularly focus on the critical question of this future balance between innovative pedagogical models and the traditional curriculum in arts and humanities classrooms.

Diana Hope Polley, Associate Professor of English, and Nicholas Hunt-Bull, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Philosophy—both of Southern New Hampshire University

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Nov. 4, 2011 - 2:00 AM