Game Development Conference 2019 at Florida Gulf Coast University

July 11-13, 2019

The Reacting Consortium announces the 2019 Game Development Conference at Florida Gulf Coast University. Join other professors and scholars interested in creating and designing new Reacting Games!

The RTTP Game Development Conference is committed to the nurturing the design and development of new games using the Reacting to the Past pedagogy.  At the conference, participants will play several Reacting-style games that are currently in development, work to expand and explore ideas for new games as well as engage in workshops focused on game design principles and processes.

Featured Games

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Featured Games:

The institute program features the following games in one-day workshops. Participants should register for one game on Thursday, a second game on Friday, and a third game on Saturday. Games are described below.

Thursday Games

Friday Games

Saturday Games

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Game Descriptions

Centennial '61

Author: David Carlson
Backgrounded against the emerging Civil Rights movement and an ongoing Cold War, Centennial ’61 centers on the actions of the Civil War Centennial Commission and its efforts to coordinate the national commemoration of the American Civil War.  Players debate how to best steer collective memory and national action in service of celebrating the unity that resulted from the war.

The Trial of Joan of Arc 

Author: Paula Reider

The Trial of Joan of Arc addresses Joan of Arc’s heresy in the midst of the Hundred Years War. Core issues include gender, mystical visionaries, and the clash of religion and politics in late medieval Europe.

 Crisis of Authority

Author: Dwight Brautigam

Crisis of Authority: Luther and the Protestant Reformation features the appearance of Martin Luther in front of Emperor Charles V at the 1521 Diet of Worms, and the Peasants’ Revolt of 1524-25.

The Fate of John Brown, 1859

Author: Bill Offut

The Fate of John Brown, 1859 deals with the potential execution of John Brown due to his failed effort at Harper’s Ferry. The core issues are slavery, the union, and the legitimacy of political violence.

Eyeball to Eyeball

Authors: Kimball, Redding and Allen

Eyeball to Eyeball addresses the tense days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, in which players from five different factions experience Cold War politics, issues of modern governance and the impacts of being small actors in superpower relations.

Monte Cassino

Author: Mary Beth Looney

Monte Cassino calls upon players to weigh the values of risking life for the preservation of art in Italy during World War II.  Issues involving military necessity and what constitutes ‘good intelligence’ help fuel the debates.

The Congress of Vienna

Author: Phil Garland

The Congress of Vienna engages diplomats, salonnieres and the hangers-on at the Vienna Congress debates over Post-Napoleonic period in Europe, addressing issues of Perpetual Peace and diplomatic structures.

Acid Tests and Activism

Author: Montgomery Wolf

Set in the 1960s and interpreting the “New Left” broadly, Acid Tests and Activism includes the various ethnic and rights movements, counterculture figures (including artists and writers, musicians, and advocates of spirituality, mental health, and/or drugs) Journalists, DJs, and venue owners who may or may not have social change as their central goal join the rest in electing to pursue various outlets of protest.

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Schedule At A Glance

Thursday, July 11: 8 am - 4 pm

Friday, July 12: 8 am - 8 pm

Saturday, July 13: 8 am -  12:15 pm

Each conference day includes breakfast and game playtests. July 11-12 include Game Development sessions, as well as lunch breaks at the FGCU South Village dining hall. 

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    Registration Rates and Policies

    Members (institutional or personal) who have paid their dues by April 31st, 2019 are eligible to register at the member rate. An annual individual membership costs $75. To find out more about membership, please visit our Reacting Consortium page. If you are unsure whether your membership is active, please check our list of member institutions or email If you are not an institutional or personal member, you should register as a "Non-member." 

    Registration Rates:

    Consortium Member Rate: $170

    Non Member Rate: $190

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    Guest housing is available to registered participants in FGCU's South Village residence halls, which are within easy walking distance from the sites of all institute activities (click here for more information about South Village)

    During online registration, participants can reserve a single-occupancy room for a nightly rate of $35.00.

    All rooms are furnished with a twin bed and wardrobe. Linens, air-conditioning, and a high-speed internet connection will be provided in the rooms, but furnishings are otherwise minimal.  Rooms are suite style, with suites of three bedrooms and one common room with a shared kitchen/bath.  All rooms are non-smoking. Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted as guests in the residence halls. Wheelchair accessible rooms are available upon request.

    Guest rooms will be available from July 10th- July 13th (3 nights).

    Alternative Accomodations

    Participants wishing to stay off campus may make their own lodging arrangements.


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