2018 Game Development Conference at Simpson College

July 12-14, 2018

Registration is now open!


College faculty and administrators with experience using Reacting to the Past are invited to register for the Reacting to the Past Game Development Conference at Simpson College (Indianola, Iowa), July 12-14, 2018 . The RTTP Game Development Conference is committed to the nurturing the design and development of new games using the Reacting to the Past pedagogy.& At the conference, participants will play several Reacting-style games that are currently in development, work to expand and explore ideas for new games as well as engage in workshops focused on game design principles and processes.

Note: This conference focuses on game development; the intended audience is those with experience using the Reacting to the Past pedagogy in the classroom. For those interested in learning more about or seeking exposure to the Reacting pedagogy, you should attend the Summer Institute at Barnard College or any of the various regional conferences, both of which are designed for these newer audiences.


Game Tracks

Thursday, July 12

  • Watergate, 1973-74 (John Parrish, Loyola Marymount University)
  • The Origins of Apartheid and the Birth of African Resistance, 1935 (Paul Otto, George Fox University)

Friday, July 13

  • Reconstruction in New Orleans, 1866-76 (Nick Proctor, Simpson College)
  • Wrestling with the Reformation in Augsburg (Emily Fisher Gray, Norwich University)

Saturday, July 14

  • Radio Days and the FCC: Breaking Up Broadcast Monopoly (James Schiffman, George College & State University=
  • After a Long Battle: Congressional AIDS Hearings, 1982-85 (Bella Pori, Independent Scholar)

The GDC is set to begin around 9 am on Thursday and conclude around noon on Saturday.

Registration Details

Registration Rates

Consortium costs include breakfast Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as well as lunch Thursday and Friday.

  • Consortium Member: $140
  • Non Consortium Member: $175

A Thursday night dinner at a restaurant in Des Moines is optional, for a charge of $25.


On-campus housing is available for the duration of the conference at the cost of $40/night for a single-occupancy room and $30/night for a double-occupancy room.