Meet the New Members of the Consortium Board

We are pleased to announce the election of the following new members to the Reacting Consortium Board.

John M. Burney (Chair of the Board, renewed term) is Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of History at Doane College (NE).  One of the initial adopters of RTTP,  he has conducted Reacting workshops for the Association of  American Colleges & Universities, the Associated New American Colleges, the Annual Conference on the First Year Experience, and the Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning. He has published several articles on the French Revolution, as well as conducting various workshops on active learning, first year seminars, and curriculum revision.

Mark D. Higbee (board member) is Professor of History at Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI). He teaches American and African American history classes at EMU, and earned his Ph.D. at Columbia University in 1995.   For the past six years, Mark has worked toward the transformation of teaching and learning at EMU through the widespread adoption of the RTTP pedagogy by fellow instructors. He is also the author of a new game in development on Frederick Douglass, Slavery, Abolitionism, and the Constitution: 1845, which was featured at the 2012 Annual RTTP institute at Barnard College.  A micro-version of the Douglass game will also be presented at the upcoming AAC&U meeting on“Modeling Equity, Engaging Difference: “New Frameworks for Diversity and Learning” in Baltimore, MD (October 18-20, 2012). 

Linda Mayhew (board member) is on the faculty of the Liberal Arts Honors Program at University of Texas at Austin, where she earned her Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literature in 2005.  She currently serves as an academic adviser and coordinator of the Humanities Program, a 42 hour interdisciplinary major in which students design their own course of study.  For the past two years, Linda has taught their signature "Reacting to thePast" honors course for the first year class. In addition to teaching, she has conducted faculty workshops to introduce the RTTP pedagogy to instructors at area institutions.  She also  looks forward to presenting at the International Society for Teaching and Learning conference in San Antonio in October 2012, leading a mini-workshop on the Athens game. As a member of the Reacting to the Past board, she hopes to further develop the faculty community of Reacting instructors and to explore ways to further students' college experiences through the promotion of alumni groups.

Danielle Holtz (student/alumni representative) is a Ph.D. candidate in History at the University of Pennsylvania.  Her research interests include comparative nationalism and the Atlantic world; American civil religion, identity, and US foreign relations; ideology, religion, war, and the American presidency. As a Barnard College alumna and veteran preceptor, Dani looks forward to resuming her involvement with "Reacting to the Past".

Amelia Vanderlaan (student/alumni representative) will be staying on for a second year as an alumni representative to the board.  A Smith College alumna and former Fulbright Fellow, she looks forward to working with the board to launch the new Reacting Alumni Association.  She will be working on several exciting new iniatives, including sponsorship of a student Reacting to the Past article contest,  networking/meet-up nights for Reacting alumni across the country, and a formal alumni feedback for Reacting games in development.