RTTP in the Journal of Political Science Education

William Gorton of Alma College and Jonathan Havercroft of the University of Oklahoma recently published an article in the Journal of Political Science Education (Jan 2012, Vol. 8 Issue 1) on Reacting to the Past, entitled "Using Historical Simulations to Teach Political Theory".

Abstract: "As teachers of political theory, our goal is not merely to help students understand the abstract reasoning behind key ideas and texts of our discipline. We also wish to convey the historical contexts that informed these ideas and texts, including the political aims of their authors. But the traditional lecture-and-discussion approach tends to obscure the historical and political dimensions of political theory. Reacting to the Past historical simulations provide a powerful tool for remedying these shortcomings. The simulations foster three kinds of lessons that are difficult to impart with more traditional approaches. First, they help students see the intimate and reciprocal connections between politics, history, and political philosophy. Second, the simulations bring to light the inherently political dimensions of interpreting key political ideas. Finally, drawing upon the ideas of Hannah Arendt, we argue that the simulations educate students about the nature of freedom and political action."

Find the full article here.