Call for Proposals: Game Development Conference hosted by Central Michigan University

We are pleased to announce the first conference devoted to designing games for the pedagogical method “Reacting to the Past.”  Participants will play two Reacting-style games that are currently in development, discuss game design principles and processes, and work to expand and explore ideas for new games.  If you have an idea for a game that you would like to discuss at the conference or if you have authored a game that is ready for play-testing, please submit the following information to the conference organizers:

  • Your name, field, and organizational affiliation
  • A brief description of your game or the historical scenario you hope to develop
  • The current state of your game: Is it simply an idea?  Has it been playtested?  If so, in what context?
  • A brief description of your experience with “Reacting to the Past”:  Have you used RTTP games in class or attended RTTP conferences? 
  • A brief description of your other experience using game-based pedagogy. Have you designed games for learning before?

Proposals of games from all fields and at any stage of development will be considered. We are interested in “traditional” RTTP games, which require many class meetings over multiple weeks, as well as “chapter games,” which require a handful of class meetings, and “mini-games” that can be played in a single day.

The first two days of the conference will be devoted to play-testing games that the conference organizers select from the proposals received. The third day will be devoted to exploring additional game concepts proposed by the attendees in an effort to bring new ideas forward. There will also be breakout sessions each day focusing on various aspects of the game design and development process.

Individuals with RTTP experience who are interested in play-testing are also encouraged to attend.  They should also submit their names, organizational affiliation, discipline/field of study, and a brief description of their experience with RTTP.

Central Michigan University will provide housing and two meals a day for 25 participants.

Proposals should be submitted via email by April 15 to:

Jonathan Truitt
Central Michigan University