Instructor Resources

Conferences and Workshops

Over the last fifteen years, “Reacting to the Past” games have been implemented by faculty at over 350 colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. To support our growing faculty network, the central program office at Barnard organizes a series of US regional workshops and an annual summer institute in New York City to introduce new professors to the games.  An alternative is to visit a "Reacting" class on any one of our affiliate campuses.  The Reacting to the Past project staff will gladly work with new faculty to arrange a visit with a cooperating institution nearby. Visit our conference page for information on upcoming events.

Online Resources

RTTP Game Library: the restricted-access instructor site where affiliated faculty can download student and instructor's materials for games in the "Reacting to the Past" series and many others in development. 

Faculty Lounge on Facebook: A group for instructors, student preceptors, and game authors interested in discussing "Reacting to the Past" games. Posts can only be seen by other group members.

"Reacting to the Past" on Twitter: Be sure to follow us on Twitter and help spread the word about the power of Reacting!

"Reacting to the Past" YouTube Channel: Watch streaming videos produced by the Consortium and link to RTTP content from faculty and students at affiliated campuses.

Course Materials

Every RTTP game consists of the following components:

  • A student game book, which outlines the historical context, game premise, central debates, and rules;
  • An instructor's manual with role descriptions; and
  • Companion texts / primary source readings (may also be included as appendices to the student game book).

Published Games: The "Reacting to the Past" Series has moved to W. W. Norton. Visit our Norton page for the latest information about the series. Instructors should also make sure to obtain the instructor's manual and role descriptions for each game, which are available to download from the RTTP Game Library.

Games in Development: Both the student game books and instructor's manuals for games at advanced stages of development are available in electronic format on the RTTP Game Library. Instructors seeking to reproduce games under review for educational purposes must also request permission to do so by completing our online Permission Request Form.