The Needs of Others: Human Rights, International Organizations and Intervention in Rwanda, 1994

W. W. Norton & Co. | Now Available | ISBN 978-0-393-67377-7

The Needs of Others invites students to consider what responsibility individuals and states have to each other, to their own citizens and to citizens of other nations. The game asks players to respond to rapidly spreading genocidal massacres in Rwanda in April and May of 1994. Some players will, as part of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), have the authority and responsibility to debate proposals and make policy. Others, as leaders of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), journalists or representatives of public opinion, will attempt to learn more about what’s going on in Rwanda and influence public policy based on this knowledge. During the game, they decide whether events in Rwanda constitute genocide and, if so, how the international community should respond. As they do, they gain a deeper understanding of genocide, of ideas about humanitarian intervention and of the dynamics of debates about humanitarian intervention in the international community.

About the Designer:

Kelly McFall teaches at Newman University, where he is Associate Professor of History, Chair of the Division of Humanities and Director of the Honors Program.  He is broadly interested in the history of conflict and human rights.  He is the co-author of Changing the Game: Title IX, Gender, and Athletics in American Universities, another game in development in the Reacting to the Past Series.  He also hosts a podcast titled New Books in Genocide Studies as well as contributing to a similar podcast called New Books in Sports.