Food Fight - Challenging the USDA Food Pyramid, 1991

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The game is set in a Congressional hearing to evaluate the work of the USDA in developing the Food Pyramid in 1991. This document angered various interest groups in agribusiness and some nutritional experts. The role of special interests versus the basic nutritional science is an important factor in the hearings. Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services which includes the FDA and CDC object to the inherent conflicts in the USDA which are reflected in the Pyramid. They seek to have nutritional adviced removed from the purview of the USDA and transferred to HHS. Students come to see that the Pyramid reflects a combination of science and politics.

This chapter-length RTTP game involves 2-3 class periods of game play in addition to any background instruction in the basics of nutrition that are needed to support the game. It is intended for use in popular food/nutrition general education science courses and could be used in introductory chemistry and biology courses as well.

About the Authors:

Susan Henderson (Quinnipiac University) and David E. Henderson (Trinity College) authored Food Fight. David Henderson is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Trinity College. He was one of the original users of Reacting and is author of a number of RTTP games in religion, science, and public policy.