The Curriculum

We can help you build the Reacting pedagogy into your course, whether it is a large lecture, a seminar, or something in-between. We have over eighteen games published with W. W. Norton and Reacting Consortium Press. and dozens more games in development available through our Reacting Consortium Library


Regardless of the subject matter or level of development, every RTTP game includes the following components:

  1. A student game book, which outlines the historical context, game premise, central debates, and rules;
  2. An instructor's manual with complete instructions on running the game on a day-to-day basis, complete with course handouts;
  3. A packet of role sheets to be distributed to students with instructions on their individual goals and strategies for game play;
  4. A variety of companion texts / primary source readings (which may also be included as appendices to the student game book).

Additionally, different games have various additional pieces, ranging from financial documents to balloting sheets to optional modules that complicate and enrich the standard game rules.

Reacting to the Past games fall into two major categories:

Published Games: The "Reacting to the Past" have two publication outlets: W. W. Norton and Reacting Consortium Press (an imprint of University of North Carolina Press). Student gamebooks (and instructors' exam copies) are available upon request to the publisher. Instructors should also obtain the instructor's manual and role descriptions for each game, which are available to download from the Reacting Game Library.

Games in Development: Both the student game books and instructor's manuals for games at advanced stages of development are available in electronic format on the Reacting Game Library. Instructors seeking to reproduce games under review for educational purposes must also request permission to do so by completing our online Permission Request Form.