Reacting Consortium

The Reacting Consortium is an alliance of colleges, universities, and individual faculty committed to developing and publishing the Reacting to the Past series of role playing games for higher education and providing programs for faculty development and curricular change. Through the main program office at Barnard, the Consortium provides programs for faculty development and curricular change, including a regular series of conferences and workshops, online instructor resources, and consulting services. For those interested in developing their own games, the Consortium also has an Editorial Board that provides guidance and oversight during the game development process from concept to official designation and publication.

The Reacting Consortium is a continuation of the Reacting to the Past Institute, originally developed by Dr. Mark Carnes and supported in its first decade by Barnard College, with major grants from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (U.S. Department of Education), the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Teagle Foundation. The Reacting Advisory Board determined in 2012 to develop and charter a membership organization, housed at Barnard College, to expand instructional support and development opportunities for affiliated faculty.

The mission of the Reacting Consortium is to promote imagination, inquiry, and engagement as foundational features of teaching and student learning in higher education through the development and dissemination of Reacting to the Past role playing games.

The Reacting Consortium develops Reacting to the Past (RTTP) role playing games to inform and transform student learning in American higher education. These games effectively support the achievement of critical thinking, historical and intercultural knowledge, empathy, leadership, integrative learning, effective communication skills, and intellectual curiosity among students. They promote innovative teaching by faculty and administrators of higher education.

The Consortium develops Reacting to the Past (RTTP) games for publication through a partnership with an established publisher. It provides faculty with opportunities to learn the highly interactive RTTP pedagogy and to join a community of practice in the support of undergraduate teaching and learning. It provides institutions with effective programs of faculty development and with tools for innovation in curriculum design to encourage advanced accomplishment across both disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs.

Become a Member
Becoming a member of the RC is simple and comes with many benefits unavailable to the general public. The institutional membership program was launched in Spring 2013, and the individual membership program in the Spring of 2015.  Benefits of membership in each category include:

Individual Membership 
$75.00 per annum

Full access to the web-site and online Faculty Forum;
Access to conference proceedings and presentations;
A triannual electronic newsletter;
Post-publication updates of instructor manuals;
A discount on registration rates for RC-sponsored workshops and conferences;
Support in game and course development ;
Access to a mentor the first semester teaching a game.
Institutional Membership 
$750.00 per annum (Now prorated for remainder of 2019 calendar year)

All of the benefits listed above, plus:

Full access to the RTTP Game Library, online resources, and other list-servs for up to ten faculty or administrators;
Member discounts on RC Conference registration for up to ten faculty or administrators;
Discount of 20% over non-members for RC campus workshops;
Consultation on course or curriculum design and grant applications; and
Opportunities to participate in the RC Board, assessment initiatives, and planning for the development of future games or pedagogy workshops.
If you have additional questions about the Reacting Consortium please send an email to


The Reacting Consortium Board reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to bar anyone from membership  and attendance at Reacting-sanctioned events, including, but not limited to, the annual Summer Institute and Winter Institute."